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Quran burner Terry Jones steals 9/11 Christian pastor Felon Keller’s 15 minutes of fame.

10 Sep

So yeah, Keller was boasting that he was the number one story around the world and ooops, she got upstaged again by Terry Jones, christian terrorist.  Fame is such a fickle bitch!,  I just wanted to get that out there, more on this later.

also, keller’s 9/11 church had a congregation sunday of approx 50 people, many journalists.  Terry Jones also has a congregation of 50 people, and a lot more journalists. 

keller’s 9/11 christian center at ground zero is just another one of her yawnfests!  EPIC FAIL.

sadly, today september 11th 2010,  bill keller is struggling to raise money for the  911 christian center at ground zero:

We still have just under $7,000 from August that needs to be covered today. I need one person to pray about helping me by wiring those funds to us by 3pm. Lastly, we still have the last $20,000 of the $100,000 we accrued in shortfalls during 2009, and am asking for 4 people to share this burden with me. Those expenses are long overdue and need to be taken care of immediately“. – bill keller, liveprayer

Def, Dumb and Blond, the FELON KELLER story

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